I offer a wide range of services to help you achieve the results you desire.

Technical Writing

Does your company need technical communication? Do you want clear and concise technical content?

I have professional experience with:
– Technical communication
– White paper and technical documentation
– Product description, technical manuals, user guides and work procedures
– Scientific research articles

Creative Content

I specialise in writing highly engaging and inspirational content to increase leads and to rank in web-search engines. Use the power of words to boost your business.

– Article and blog writing
– Landing pages, website content and newsletters
– Poetry and literary content, including children’s stories
– Interviewing people and voicing their vision

Personal Notes

Do you have the words within you, but you have a hard time expressing them through writing? Do you want someone to write it for you? I’ve got you covered!

I specialise in assisting people like you writing celebration notes, such as wedding vows, letters, funeral cards or speeches. I assist you in putting your vision into words with your tone of voice to make that specific event memorable.

Spirit Writing

Spirit writing started to happen to me as I was journaling. I allowed it to flow more and more and I begun to do it with friends too.

I combined my coaching and therapy work with writing and Spirit Writing Sessions were born. You’ll basically receive a specific message and guidance through writing. Do you want to communicate with yourself? A Spirit Writing Session gives you the answer you seek.


Proofreading in English and in Portuguese. Effective editing of technical and creative documentation, ensuring the quality for all your writing materials.


– Portuguese to English

– English to Portuguese

– Spanish to English & Portuguese

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